How to use the Taxessor iPhone App

Taxessor is very easy to use.  Simply plug in the data for the property of interest, then view the calculated results.

The Tabs

The tabs at the bottom of the application screen are meant to be accessed from left to right.  The tabs are:

  • Bldg. Type
  • Areas
  • Bldg. Info
  • Results

Start at the first tab, Bldg. Type, and proceed through to the results.

Bldg. Type

Click the Bldg. Type tab, then scroll through the list to find the correct property type.  When you select a building type, you will automatically be taken to the next tab, Areas.


On the areas tab, select the area of the city where the property is located.  When you select an area, you will automatically be taken to the next tab, Bldg. Info.

Bldg. Info

Here is where you enter specific information about the property.  You will notice the building type and area you selected previously are shown at the top of the page.  If you need to select a different value for either of these, just go to the appropriate tab, select the new setting, then select the Bldg. Info tab again.

The Property Name and Address fields are currently cosmetic.  A future version will allow you to save and recall property profiles, which will be indexed by the name entered here.

As appropriate, depending on your building type, enter the Total building size, number of apartments, and/or land size.  For office/warehouse space, enter the number of square feet of space of each time, and click the selector for "Ofc" or "WH" under the Space 1 and Space 2 size fields.

If you want to start over, click the "Clear Form" button at the bottom.  That will delete all data from the form.


After you have entered all of the required information, tap the Results tab.  The Results page contains quite a bit of information, and can be scrolled with your finger.

The top section contains some summary information about the property.

The Comparable Sales Approach section provides an assessment estimate based on comparable sales.

The Income Approach section provides assessment estimate based on the estimated income generated by the property.

More Information

Please contact Cantera Consultants and Advisors for more advice.